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Where Freedom Loving People Gather!

Thank you for stopping in at!  We hope you will find YOUR site useful, informative, easy to use and most importantly: CENSORSHIP FREE!

You may have noticed I said YOUR site.  This site is created with YOU in mind.  YOU make what it is.  It is YOUR place to create what you want, where you want and WHEN you want. 

First things FIRST!  I would like your experience on Peoplesplace to not only be Great, but rewarding and long lasting!  SO, PLEASE let me know if you have ANY questions or trouble navigating the site!  Just message me!

With all the recent headline news about data being sold, stolen, whatever phrase you want to use- it’s just not right!  We here at peoplesplace will never do that, nor will we ask for private information.

My name is Michael Cross and I am the creator of  The main goal here is to

  1. Inform
  2. Educate
  3. Share knowledge
  4. Meet like minded people
  5. Most Importantly- Disclose Truth to the World.

Here is a little more about

There is no “jail.” There is NO BANNING of YOUR content.  We will NOT play GOD and dictate what you can put on your page.  It’s YOUR page, YOU determine what is appropriate!

We view freedom of expression (our 1st Amendment right,) as paramount in importance to a strong and robust republic.  Without freedom of expression, there is no EXCHANGE of IDEAS, free THINKING, transference of concepts, thoughts, ideas, and fundamentals.  These are the framework of a truly free society: where it’s citizens are free to voice their thoughts, ideas, and concepts without fear of retribution, ostracization or hate.

Why would someone HATE a person based on their opinions that happen to be different than their own?  Wouldn’t that be a boring world if everyone’s ideas were the same and nobody had individual thought or opposing view?  ACTUALLY- wouldn’t that world be SCARY?

Look at it like a conversation in a town square somewhere.  You hear somebody speaking; it catches your attention and you decide to listen for a minute.  Their ideas are not like yours, but you find their logic and conclusions interesting so you consider adjusting your views.  You may file it away in your mind for reflection and reconsideration later.  You may decide to discard it completely.

The point is that if you had not been allowed to hear that viewpoint or that person had not been allowed to speak, you would have been DENIED the CHOICE for you to DECIDE for YOURSELF.

Whether it be at the town square or somewhere in Peopleplace, if you don’t like what you’re hearing, you can choose to walk away from the conversation.  We will not BLOCK that person or CENSOR their materials.  The only time we will interfere and take action to stop a person, is if their materials posted are ILLEGAL; and in that event- we will FULLY cooperate with Law Enforcement to stop such actions.

As an informed user of Peopleplace, YOU dictate what YOU see.  You indicate when you set up your profile what material is objectionable.  As an adult, you don’t want someone else making those decisions for you- do you?  And for children- you can set up their own page, indicating that it is a person under 18.

We are a Merry band of Freedom seeking, Liberty loving people that embrace the thirst for knowledge and free exchange of ideas essential to a vibrant and forward moving world.  Won’t you join us? We promise it’ll be an exciting adventure that will challenge your mind and awaken your senses!